The Simpsons – The Simpsons Testify (Trilha Sonora) (OST)


The Simpsons Testify é um CD com a trilha sonora da família mais famosa conhecida mundialmente. Neste CD estão inclusos todos os grandes sucessos, as melhores canções de Os Simpsons. Com o talento do compositor premiado Alf Clausen, e as vozes inconfundíveis da família americana mais amada da televisão.capaThe Simpsons – The Simpsons Testify (OST) capainformacoes

The Simpsons – The Simpsons Testify (Trilha Sonora) (OST)
Tamanho do Arquivo: 152MB
Total de Músicas: 41

Lista de Músicas
1 “The Simpsons” Main Title Theme by The Alf Clausen Orchestra
2 Testify
3 The Very Reason That I Live
4 He’s the Man (feat. Shawn Colvin)
5 Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl
6 “The Simpsons” End Credits Theme by Los Lobos
7 Ode to Branson
8 Sold Separately
9 Island of Sirens
10 They’ll Never Stop the Simpsons
11 You’re a Bunch of Stuff
12 What Do I Think of the Pie?
13 Baby Stink Breath
14 Tastes Like Liberty
15 Jellyfish
16 Homer & Marge (feat. “Weird Al” Yankovic)
17 Everybody Hates Ned Flanders Medley
18 I Love to Walk
19 Marjorie (feat. Jackson Browne)
20 “The President Wore Pearls” Medley: A Vote for a Winner / I Am Their Queen / Skinner’s Evil Plan / A Tango Takes Two / Smart Girl Six Three / The President Wore Pearls End Credits
21 Glove Slap (feat. The B-52s)
22 O Pruny Night
23 America (I Love This Country)
24 America Rules
25 Welcome to Moe’s
26 We Are the Jockeys
27 Song of Shelbyville
28 “A Star Is Torn” Medley: I’m Talkin’ Springfield / My Kitty Died / Always My Dad / A Privileged Boy
29 Who Wants a Haircut? (feat. Baha Men)
30 “My Fair Laddy” Medley: Adequate / Not On My Clothes / Indoors All Night / Longing for the Shack / My Fair Laddy End Credits
31 Springfield Blows
32 “King of Cats” Itchy & Scratchy Medley: Tune-Up / King of Cats Opening / Two Days, Two Circles / Slices of Life / It’s Symbiotic / Knives Finale
33 Lady
34 You Make Me Laugh
35 Lady Riff (feat. Ricky Gervais)
36 Poppa, Can You Hear Me?
37 “Yokel Chords” Medley: Oh, How Do We? / Motivate Them / Cultural Things Experience / Moonshine Drinkers
38 Hullaba Lula
39 Song of the Wild Beasts
40 Dancing Workers’ Song
41 Oldies and Nudiesdownload

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